Streamlining Operational Efficiency in Clothing Manufacturing

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Ahmad Sultan, a premium clothing brand, faced several operational challenges before tapping into our expertise in SAP Business One (SAPB1) to streamline their processes. With issues ranging from lacking inventory tracking and incomplete production cost tracking to missing branch-wise financial data and inadequate reporting, Ahmad Sultan encountered significant hurdles in managing their operations efficiently. However, our team swiftly addressed these challenges over a four-month period by implementing tailored solutions. By introducing controlled stock management, process costing, opening cost centers, and enhancing accounting classification, we provided Ahmad Sultan with real-time inventory insights, precise production costs, branch-wise financial visibility, and accurate reporting. This transformation not only identified inventory leakages and optimized holding costs but also determined stage-wise production costs and presented a clear financial position, ultimately enhancing efficiency and profitability for Ahmad Sultan’s esteemed brand.


Inventory Leakages


Production Cost