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Expert Talks Virtual Teams

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In this day and age of digital transformation and globalization, working with virtual teams is as common as working with an in-house team and perhaps, as similar as working in a multicultural environment. Virtual teams are an extension of the physical workforce, they are your colleagues who are working towards achieving the same goal and share the same vision as you. The concept of a virtual team has emerged as a powerful structure that leverages diversity, multiculturalism and knowledge-based work by improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of work processes.

Despite being a hit in a digitized world, virtual teams come with a swathe of risks and challenges. Leading a team is a journey of contradictions, chaos and challenges. The main challenge of hiring an offshore team is the fear of the unknown; originating a number of issues such as trust, communication, and cultural gap, interalia.

The key is to create a vision that inspires and resonates with people. In this talk, we would touch topics of interest which would open new avenues for your business and in the process eliminate the fear of working with virtual teams.

Key Takeaways

  • How to successfully attract, retain and manage high performing virtual teams
  • The tangible (technology) & intangible(leadership) resources needed to manage virtual teams
  • Source of virtual team management challenges (trust, communication, cultural gap etc.)
  • Transforming challenges into opportunities

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