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  • Skills: .NET Core, C#, Angular, EntityFramework, MS SQL Server, Microservices, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, Sonar Cloud, Graphs, Expression Trees, CI/CD, Unit Testing Tools

  • Client: Belivia


01. The Challenge

Belivia’s requirement was to hire a dedicated DevOps engineer for their product’s development, maintenance, and enhancement. The developer was to incorporate intelligent automation in their processes. Thus a full stack developer, with relevant expertise, who could provide end-to-end solutions from development to deployment was arranged by Synavos for Belivia. The developer not only developed but digitalized and upgraded their procedures for deployment, resolving production issues and making on time customer deliveries.

02. Project Plan

The project plan followed by Synavos is such that scoping workshops are held to understand client requirements are and then those ideas are developed into products.

Synavos helped Belivia in efficient hiring to cater to their product development needs. Once recruitment is completed, a lot of focus is placed on the on-boarding of the employee.

  • Recruitment Process
  • On-boarding Process
  • Communication Process
    • Daily stand up meetings are held to discuss the day plans and tasks.
    • Weekly meetings are conducted with the CTO to discuss the future plans and any issues, if existing.
    • On-site visits are often done to understand the requirements better which eventually leads to effective product development and deliveries.
    • Open communication and timely feedback are the main principles upon which the two organizations are operating with each other.

03. Technology Stack

Technologies Used:

  • C#
  • .NET code
  • Angular
  • EntityFramework
  • MS SQL Server
  • Microservices
  • Docker

Our Team:

  • Full Stack developer (1)

04. Milestones Achieved

Collective efforts of Belivia and Synavos has helped in achieving the following results within a span of 8 months:

  • Built a prototype for automated documentation of Belivia processes.
  • Optimized the development process for basic rule engine.
  • Automated the deployment process to enable continuous deployment.
  • Working on product backlog items on a daily basis to enhance product features and quality.
  • Used the UI tools for creating process components and enhancing the text component for better user experience.
  • Added enhanced application security to make systems more resilient and secure.
  • Incorporated memory file scanner on portal which restricted uploading of any malicious content.
  • Configuration of cloud logs for the better tracking of incidents in all Belivia services.

05. Way Forward

The two companies’ management meet quarterly to discuss goals with a mutual interest of growing business together.

Synavos is facilitating Belivia to explore and introduce its products in Pakistani market. This would eventually contribute towards the growth of the finance and insurance industry of Pakistan.