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  • Skills: WordPress, ReactJS, Android, RxAndroid, Dagger, JetPack Components

  • Client: Keyflow


01. The Challenge

Keyflow’s requirement was to hire development and maintenance services from an outsourcing firm; one they could rely on. Their objective was to add a time and cost efficient resource to their business, for design and structuring of their Android app. The firm’s past experiences with other outsourcing firms became a hurdle in achieving this objective because of which Synavos and Keyflow had a rocky start to their business relationship.

02. Project Plan

Synavos manages Keyflow’s Android app using the latest technology stack since early 2018. The firm has perpetually hired a dedicated resource with adding and subtracting some team members, depending on their evolving needs. The dedicated team now understands the business processes comprehensively. However, the path to such know-how of the company was a challenging one.


Synavos’ plan to bridge the gap between the two firms was by following complete transparency and partnership rather than operating as a third party consultancy. Thus the plan constituted of an on-boarding process of the resource to encourage business information exchange and cultural exchange.

03. Technology Stack

Technologies Used:

  • WordPress
  • React
  • Android
  • RxAndroid
  • Dagger
  • JetPack Components

Our Team:

  • Product Manager (1)
  • UI/UX Designer (1)
  • Architecture (1)
  • Dedicated developer (1)
  • Quality Assurance Engineer (1)

04. Solution

Our CEO met with the CTO of Keyflow in an informal environment, in a bid to offer solutions for their pain points marked by unreliability. The two decided on a solution by actively involving the resource in Keyflow’s processes, albeit the remote nature of the arrangement. Thus an on-site visit was set up to establish a business relationship and a sense of belonging between the resource and the company. The exchange of information solved most of the issues for both the firms and it has been smooth sailing since then.