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Expert assistance
at every step!

Ideation processes


Innovative solutions


Marketable products


Augmented businesses


Breadth and depth
of expertise to challenge the status quo

From strategy to execution, our winning combination of innovative thinking, scientific
design, top-notch development and in-depth analysis ensure success.

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Validating the viability and
marketability of your idea.
Determining fundamental
aspects of your product that
require utmost consideration
and also prioritizing them.

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Ensuring novelty for your
product for it to stand out.
Equipping your product with
unique aspects of functionality
and design for you to strive and
thrive in the crowd.

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Strategizing and crafting
innovative solutions from
scratch. Delivering services,
solutions, and experiences
guided by our vision, values
and work philosophy.

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Establishing robust systems
for your growth. Providing
stepping stones and rugged
development architectures to
ensure the future-proofing of
your business.

Synavos Aims for

Empowered businesses,
complete transparency
and personalized

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Bulwark your

Your intellectual property and
your ideas are valuable and
key to competitive advantage.
So we ensure safe-keeping of
your ideas by implementing and devising NDA(s).

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Computation &

We evaluate the idea for all
the possible pitfalls and the
numerous iterations market
proof your idea so you can
maximize ROI.

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Project Scoping

We view your project through
a microscopic lens accounting
for all the nitty-gritty stuff like
outlining the value proposition,
the functionality of the project
and agreed-upon work scope.

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Finances & Blueprint

In the last step for the clarity of
all parties’ and transparency
of operations we provide you
estimated budget, timelines
and blueprint of your project.

Customized engagement
models for your business

Synavos offers a wide range of near and offshore development services. Our well-defined
engagement models ensure that we can maximize the benefits of outsourcing, whether you
are small or medium-sized business or a large enterprise.

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Fixed Time & Cost Estimate

For well-defined projects with minimal
functionalities, this model offers best
solution. It follows a milestone-based
roadmap that is proven to lower the
risk for all your operations while also
optimizing the efforts.

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Scrum Team Model

If you need a team of professionals
for short periods of modular work
then the Scrum Team Model is for
you. In this model, projects progress
via a series of sprints which are
timeboxed to two weeks or a month.

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BYOT Model

Build your own team model allows you
to set up a near or offshore subsidiary
of your organization with full support
of a local IT outsourcing partner. It also
offers greater operational control and
opportunity for overseas expansion.


Standing among the Best

Synavos Solutions is a proud winner of
Pakistan Software Export Board Award

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