Let’s create a board of innovation
to review and refine your ideas

The journey to successfully launch a business is filled with hurdles. From fighting off the
competition, and designing the right product to reaching out to the right target market.
We formulate detailed designed sprints invented by Google Ventures to ensure Project
success. This methodology has helped us in delivering multiple projects successfully.



We put ourselves in the customers’
shoes to visualize the world from their
perspective, this allows us to create a
product that meets their needs and



We encourage out-of-the-box
thinking. Our team collaborates,
throw ideas around, and discuss
with each another, and clients to
get those creative juices flowing.



We use rationality to fit solutions to
the problem through experimentation,
testing, and qualitative and quantitative

From understanding to testing
a five-day approach

In an intensive and highly-structured innovation cycle encompassing five days we empathize,
ideate, prototype, and validate to de-risk your project. The aim is to develop a product idea
into a prototype that can be tested to help us fill our riskiest knowledge gaps and guide the
future work.


Making Acquaintances on Monday

Our first objective is to truly understand the problem your idea will solve for its users. Hence, Monday
is all about understanding challenges and exploring the problem space. We start by empathizing
with users and mapping their journeys and experiences to identify pain points and opportunities for
the future.


Jolting our Minds on Tuesday

After devising the game plan it’s time to put on our thinking hats and jump into solution mode. Our
goal is to explore as many possibilities as possible, regardless of how realistic, feasible, or viable they
may or may not be. By the end of the day, we articulate all the viable solutions and map the customer’s
journey from start to end.


Diverging to Finalize an Idea on Wednesday

On Wednesday, we go through all of the possibilities that we have explored over the past two days
and hone in on a single version of the prototype that we will start to build. After making the final call,
the team then expands those sketched solutions into coherent storyboards.


Transforming Storyboards into Prototypes on Thursday

Day 4 is where we grab our winning solution from the previous brainstorming sessions and make it
real, well almost real. The development of prototypes helps to see how an idea on paper feels like a
real product.


Introducing the Prototype to End-users on Friday

The last day is basically a “moment of truth” as at this stage we validate the project. In this phase,
we test the prototype with your existing and potential customers.

Let’s craft

Brilliance Together!

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