Dissecting Product Architecture

Ins and outs of your software code

Code audit services provide you with the technical audit of your whole project and identify the problems and issues that are obstructing the further development and the functionalities of your project. At Synavos code audit services include revealing all the weaknesses, threats, and vulnerabilities of your source code that are affecting the performance of your project. Our code audit process also investigates the development architecture in terms of whether or not it has the potential for scalability in the future.


Examination of
the tech stack used


code audits


Code quality and
performance check


integrations analysis


tests audit


architecture review


Security threats
and risks analysis

Eliminating spaghetti code section image

Project Technological Assessment

Eliminating spaghetti code
and ensuring scalability

Code audit is also the first step whenever we take on prebuilt projects.
The issues we identify are also the primary reasons for halted project
development and the client’s decision to switch technology partners.
Identified issues from both front and back end are related to the code,
architecture, database layers, cloud server optimization, existing and
planned functionality, and coding malpractices that may have been
masked as bugs. It is only then we decide if the current architecture
can be utilized or does the client needs a complete redevelopment.

Current vs Future State

Giving you a clear picture of what your
product is and can be

Synavos offers code audit services to all types of businesses, enterprises or startups at any stage of the project development. We provide you with a Root-Cause Analysis of your product so that you can avoid wasting your precious time and money on a product that will not withstand the challenges of today’s market that is more advanced than ever before and demands the most technologically equipped and intelligent solutions. We also guide our clients on the best way forward and provide a complete development roadmap, regardless of if we are doing the actual development or not.


Are you Hooked? Here is our code audit process.

Code Audit Process Flow Diagram

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