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Turning projects around to deliver marketable outcomes

Rescuing your troubled

A successful project is one that meets its core objectives in terms
of its scope, quality, time, and cost. In parallel, a troubled or a failed
project is one that has overruns in one or more of these aspects and
can become a digital nightmare.

If you are an entrepreneur who is going through the same we
have got you covered.

At Synvaos in parallel to developing products from a mere idea we also
take on troubled projects. On occasion, a project comes to a standstill
because of clients’ organizational or financial issues, or simply because
their previous development team (outsourced or in-house) was not able
to tackle major problems that the project was meant to solve. We take
upon the job of rescuing these projects by sorting out all the issues and
rerouting it onto the road to success.

Adopting a project at a particular stage and ensuring completion

Taking over prebuilt projects

Are you the startup or entrepreneur with only MVP developed or an
entrepreneur with a partially developed product? Synavos is what you
need, we expertly take on projects that were started by another team of
developers but were not finished by them due to any number of reasons.

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How we do it

Analyzing the current state to plan the way forward

Our process of software project rescue has similar steps to that of our product development process that are scoping, analyzing, innovating,
building, reviewing and scaling. The analyzing stage of the project rescue process is basically the audit of your code. We conduct a thorough
code audit of your product to find out what actually are the problems and determine

  • Has the project been future-proofed?
  • Has the project been developed to be as efficient as possible?
  • Does the project align with the client’s long-term business goals?
  • Are there any features or functionalities where time, money and resources are being wasted?
  • Is the project considering the bigger picture or is it only addressing the immediate client concerns?
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Tell us everything!

Expect us to ask questions about your business model, your current relationship with your tech partner, and where you think the synergy broke. Let’s help you figure out what went wrong. Answering these questions will help you point us in the right direction, thereby reducing the time it takes to figure out what went wrong.

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Business blueprint in just two weeks!

Work with our consultants to determine where you exactly stand and where we recommend you should be going. Have a complete development roadmap, as well as the current state of your project, work in progress and what needs to be done to get you where you need to be.

All of this, within two weeks!
Any extra time invested will be borne out of our own pockets. We Guarantee!

Need to get started immediately?

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started on the projects above.

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