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Vembla & Synavos introduce a convenient access to grocery shopping

admin - January 13, 2020 - 0 comments

The adage that “Time is Money” has more relevance in the life of a digital shopper as they are always on the lookout for effective solutions. The omnipresent shoppers are accustomed to browsing and ordering merchandise from digital marketplaces in just a few clicks. This utility-based experience model allows individuals to use their time effectively and productively rather than waiting in long queues. Today’s omnishopper wants a hassle-free grocery experience that seamlessly complements their lifestyle. In the context of online grocery shopping, convenience has a broader meaning, it refers to an experience which saves time while also creating an intuitive and frictionless shopping experience.

Vembla and Synavos understood the pulse of modern consumers and the two firms entered into a partnership to launch an on-demand delivery service for groceries & pharmaceuticals. The AI powered solution- Vembla app allows consumers to order from the local grocery store and get the merchandise within 60 minutes via environment-friendly modes of transportation.


The CTO and one of the co-founders of Vembla, Dino Todorovic shared his thoughts on the digital transformation of grocery aisles and the role of Vembla in the transformation process:

“The online grocery structure provides the consumer with an option to search, compare and procure grocery items quickly and effectively as compared to brick-and-mortar retail structure. We wanted to develop a business model that delivers superior value and satisfaction to customers. Adding value to consumer’s life is imperative to the success of business, the modern consumer demands products and services that effortlessly fit into their lives. Vembla will not only enable consumers with a high level of convenience, reduced transportation costs but also help them save time through lesser commute and planning.”


Irfan Malik, CEO and co-founder of Synavos talks about how Synavos played its part as a technology partner of Vembla and ensured smooth execution of Vembla’s business idea.

“The hectic schedules, increasing working population, and tedious commuting has resulted in a robust growth of digital marketplaces. Synavos has always been on the forefront in integrating AI to create personalised solutions for the clients. As the technology partner, our aim was to facilitate Vembla in developing an app with optimum perceived ease of use and enhanced customer experience.”


If you’re looking to have a discussion with Vembla or Synavos, connect with Sebastian Malmberg, Co-founder- Vembla , at: or Sunil Dutt, CEO & Co-founder- Vembla at:, and Noel Sheehy, Business Development Manager -Nordics, Synavos, at:


About Vembla

Vembla is the future merchant service that works hyper-locally and environmentally friendly. It allows users to buy food & pharmacy products more easily and more efficiently. Vembla offers groceries, food and pharmacy products from local stores with delivery directly to you within 60 minutes of order and allows you to shop from more stores at the same time.


About Synavos

 Synavos is all about going beyond the extra mile to achieve digital goals, be innovative, and build partnerships in the ICT businesses. It provides end-to-end solutions for software development needs to multiple industries. The global IT solution provider that helps businesses develop a holistic digital ecosystem that strengthens their business processes. The firm has been connecting firms in different parts of the world and strengthening Sweden-Pakistan ties as they thrive.

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