Managed IT Services

Seamless Distribution Systems aims to digitally revolutionize the financial transactions of the unbanked people around the globe.

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Event Listings Platform

Ticketlake gives you a modern and convenient way to find and buy tickets for all your favorite events at your convenience.

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Action for Society

Social Networking

Social Networking project with a motto to empower people and together change society for the better.

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Insurance Process Mgmt

Content management system that helps in streamlining the administrative processes of the insurance companies.

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Event Management

A multi-vendor platform assisting users to book their tables and buy tickets for different events happening near them.

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Handyman Services

Skill-brokerage platform allowing users to post basic home maintenance jobs and artisans to offer services against those jobs.

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Simply Sufi

Field Force Management

A 360-degree solution with centralized and digitalized field force management of retail and distribution industry.

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Business Networking

A virtual meeting spot for brands & influencers, allowing them to generate more leads in today’s digital ecosystem.

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Delivery Basics

Food Delivery & Pickup

Consumer goods & prepared foods delivery marketplace with the purpose of bringing people closer to their neighborhood Mom and Pop stores.

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Organwise Guys

E-Learning Platform

E-learning platform helping children learn about physical health, nutrition, and healthy living in a creative manner.

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Real Estate Marketplace

Real Estate Listings Marketplace that is designed to be the 360-degree solution for your all property related needs.

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E-commerce Platform

An e-commerce marketplace that helps small and medium-sized (SMEs), and major corporations to scale their commerce business.

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Grocery Delivery App

E-commerce marketplace with an aim to deliver groceries and everyday goods to customers within an hour via eco-friendly modes of transportation.

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Multi-vendor E-Learning

A learning platform for digitized organizations looking for engaging and centralized learning software for today’s modern learners.

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Healthcare App

Digital healthcare platform helping patients to easily connect with doctors, choose doctors based on reviews and get e-consultations.

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Aao Sulah Karen

Application Mgmt Portal

Aao Sulah Karen literally meaning “let’s reconcile” is a nonprofit management system software developed for an NGO.

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