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We drive your digital transformation by automating processes throughout your organisation.
We help organizations in redesigning how their people interact, how their operations are done
and how their data is stored, managed and used. By introducing new ways of doing business
we are ensuring greater value to your customers, greater satisfaction to the employees, greater
value for your time, and of course greater value for money.


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Partners in your digital

Synavos is providing digitalization services to businesses since
digitalization was merely about synching a few systems through
a server. We understand the significance of going digital. People
at Synavos understand your business environment, its operating
structure and its technological requirements.

From being the operational core of one of the world’s biggest
Telecom Solutions Distributing companies to collaborating with
state institutions to provide operational efficiency we have done
processes digitalization of all sorts. Our solutions are trusted to be
most advanced, secure and easy to adopt.

Automation that drives your
business forward

Our automation process includes everything from strategizing to implementation. We start by
understanding the problem and building a solution that not only solves the problem at hand
but scopes around all the connected processes. Our custom solutions ensure the following

Nth level Processes Automations icon

Nth level Processes Automations

Paperless Operations icon

Paperless Operations

Operational Efficiency icon

Operational Efficiency

Operational Transparency icon

Operational Transparency

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Auditable Processes

Employee & Customer Satisfaction icon

Employee & Customer Satisfaction

Increased Productivity icon

Increased Productivity

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Reduced Operating Cost

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Realtime Analytics & Insights

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