Unified Financials and Enhanced Shipment Tracking for Metals Manufacturer

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In an eight-month engagement, Synavos deployed SAP Business One ERP services for Flux Metals (Pvt) Ltd, a distinguished manufacturer and supplier specializing in brass and copper products. Confronted with challenges from using disparate ERPs across four major segments to complex shipment tracking issues and improper landed cost recording, our tailored solutions delivered transformative results. We unified the segmented financials with an automated chart of accounts, streamlined shipment tracking through system-generated forms and website integration, and enhanced landed cost management with real-time tracking. The outcomes for Flux Metals include streamlined operations, improved financial accuracy, enhanced shipment tracking capabilities, and precise cost management. These enhancements have empowered Flux Metals to foster stronger customer relationships, optimize operations, and uphold their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Shipment Tracking


Financial Accuracy